Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hi y'all. The majority of this post is from the morning of March 9th and shot in downtown Austin Texas USA. That morning I saw the earliest signs of the two week SXSW circus that comes into town every March. I love this time of year because there are hordes of visitors from every part of the country and world, which makes for very interesting people watching...go figure, I am just getting around to photos from 10 days ago! Anyhow, the rain that day somehow helped strangers become more receptive having their photo taken. Or maybe it was just a good hair day. Or who knows? 5 days later I got punched after shooting the wrong hipster. But it was funny watching her fall over while drunkenly trying to run away as I "called the cops"....there is danger warned should you attempt this at home.  Onto the goods. If you have a moment please let me know which ones you like, or even don't like. email is
keep shooting and thanks for visiting! P.S...some have captions...

 Russian Taco Stand Attendant
 subject of an earlier post
wind, scarf
 passing out fliers for sxswi
 Orange Tri Fecta
"hey that's an awesome coat mind if I get a photo?"
"ok but hurry I am late to work"
"perfect, that orange really rocks with the doorway colors and frame."
 "no, I don't mind, take my picture"
I was scared to ask as he was about 6'5 and looked straight out of a mob movie.
The red coffee truck background was pure lagniappe.

 "you wan't to take MY picture? Really? Why?"
"well, you look nice and that wall is a nice background"
 "I don't need a card, I'll remember your site."
definitely from out of town
 Niiiiice Longboard



  1. Another great post - my favorites are the 1st one and the man in the hat in front of the red truck. Love the colors and the expressions you captured in both.

  2. Nice work. I look forward to seeing Punchy.